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Monthly Archives: March 2014

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Buy viagra online usa, Viagra online paypal uk

In preparation for repotting and re-homing the seedlings that I have started inside, I had to do some minor repairs to my greenhouse.  Over the winter a panel on the roof came out and blew away.  I did a seach through my yard and surrounding neighbors yards for it, but did not find it. Since […]

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Holy MOLEy!

As I look out across my back yard, one sure sign of spring is apparent.  MOLES! Standing on my deck and looking out over the yard, I was wondering what the heck it was.  It sort of looks like a herd of cows got loose in part of my yard and generously provided fertilizer.  Since I knew better […]

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Healing Naturally

I have fibromyalgia and have been actually diagnosed with it since 2002, even though I felt it’s impact long before that.  I noticed the severity of it increase at an extreme pace over the past year or so causing me to finally relent and request to be put on medication to help reduce the impact […]

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Artist spotlight – Getting to the root of beauty

I have an artist friend that does sculpture work in wood, stone and metal.  The material that he chooses is all reclaimed, from fallen or removed (by others) trees, scrap yards or just found items. One of the most interesting things that he has been exploring using lately is the root wood from trees, typically […]

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Jamacian Stew

Here is a recipe that is a little out of the box.  When you look at the ingredient list, have no fear, this is really delicious. Food shouldn’t be boring, anyways, should it? Just trust me on this and give it a try! I even got someone to eat squash with this even though they […]

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Mark Shepard and Restoration Agriculture

Mark Shepard, author of Restoration Agriculture, presents his ideas on permaculture and development of his farm, New Forest Farm. He has successfully utilized a wide variety of principles to transform what was very damaged farmland into diverse, productive and finacially successful farm. While this is a long video, it is definitely worth listening to. )

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Abundant Urban Permaculture with Geoff Lawton

This is a brief introduction to what is possible on a tiny urban lot. You can see the full video with several examples of highly productive urban lots by going here.  You might need to log in and select the URBAN PERMACULTURE video. It is truely inspiring and hard to not get enthused about incorporating some […]

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Sepp Holzer and Farming with Nature

This video will give you an idea of the paradise that Sepp Holzer created in the mountains of Austria using his observations of nature and applying those observations to transform what is typically classified in Austria as non-productive land into a diverse and immensely abundant property. )

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Using spiced nuts as one solution to break my carbohydrate addition

I have been on a quest to break my addiction to carbohydrates, for health purposes, due to my fibromyalgia, but also just because an over the top carb intensive diet is not good for me.  Instead of grabbing pretzles as a snack of choice, I have been looking for snacks that taste good, have more […]

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A sure sign of success

As you can see, the tomato seedlings are up and doing well.  They are getting to the point where it is time for them to be separated and repotted.  When I initially planted the seeds, I planted one type of tomato, and pepper too, per pot until they germinated and started to grow. We will […]

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