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Monthly Archives: April 2014

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I am reading the book Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture.  In the book he talks about a quick, in the field way, to tell what type of soil you have with just your hands.  Pretty interesting, I thought.  Here is what he wrote… To perform the test, take some fresh soil (not dried out) and roll it […]

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Beginning to build a forest of food

Welcome to my enchanting forest.  Well, what will become my food forest.  See those wire cages?  Right now it resembles the begining of an orchard, but that will change over time and the addition of many more plants. What is a food forest?  Wikipedia’s formal definintion is “Forest gardening is a low-maintenance sustainable plant-based food production […]

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Noticing what ails me

In an effort to determine what the main culprit of my pain is caused by, I cut out wheat/gluten, almost exclusively, several weeks ago.  After doing that, little by little, I have noticed my daily inflamation lessening.  I have reduced my medicine to once per day and I seem to be holding my own. What […]

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Top work grafting

Oh what a glorious day it was!  Taking full advantage of the sun and warm weather was top of my list.  I have been looking at a bag of various left over scionwood from my grafting onto rootstock projects.  Knowing that I had access to a peach tree and my crabapple tree, I decided to […]

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Grafting experiments

 I was working on trying to learn grafting today.  I did some last year but could not tell completely my rate of success (or lack of it) because the deer kept eating off the leaves on the rootstocks and ended up killing the large majority of them.  I did have a graft take for a […]

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