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Lebanese Squash “Onion” Ring

This year, for the first time, I grew Lebanese Squash. I have found it to be quite neutral in flavor, so I have been looking for some good recipes to try it with. An internet search led to many, many versions of it stuffed and a few recipes for soup, but beyond that there wasn’t […]

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Lentil and Ham Soup

As the temperature drops, soups become a staple in our home. Full bodied flavor, hearty and satisfying…that is the way we roll. Simple to prepare and budget friendly are also high on the list. Since I am a northern transplant in the south, some things are new to my hubby to be. When we sat […]

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Jamacian Stew

Here is a recipe that is a little out of the box.  When you look at the ingredient list, have no fear, this is really delicious. Food shouldn’t be boring, anyways, should it? Just trust me on this and give it a try! I even got someone to eat squash with this even though they […]

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Using spiced nuts as one solution to break my carbohydrate addition

I have been on a quest to break my addiction to carbohydrates, for health purposes, due to my fibromyalgia, but also just because an over the top carb intensive diet is not good for me.  Instead of grabbing pretzles as a snack of choice, I have been looking for snacks that taste good, have more […]

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