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Welcome to our home, in the south edge of a small city and just within the county limits.  Below you will see the progression of our site development, using Permaculture principles, into a haven of sustainability and our own personal paradise.

Here are some pictures from before anything was started.

We purchased the property in the winter of 2016 and wanted to take some time to observe it before getting started with laying some basic groundwork.  We were excited to have our own well and septic, because 1/4 mile away is public utilities.  In terms of edibles, we started with a base of many grapes, walnuts, pecans, hickory nuts, and wild blackberries that were on the property when we purchased it. While we have tamed a few things and pulled out some others, we still need to work up a formal plan for the transformation of our parcel of property. It is 2.22 acres with room to have all zones. Now that the twins came along, in the fall of 2017, it adds to the mix, as we want to have many different play and learning zones for them too. We have a lot of ideas, but haven’t put them on paper yet, which I need to work on soon since we are starting to add other edibles into the mix.

While it isn’t in the cards now, we are hoping that the lot on the SW boundary of ours that is for sale, will one day be added to the “mini kingdom”. An additional 1.2 acres could certainly expand the possibilities. That does complicate the thoughts of a site development plan, though, but also is a very exciting thought.