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Noticing what ails me

In an effort to determine what the main culprit of my pain is caused by, I cut out wheat/gluten, almost exclusively, several weeks ago.  After doing that, little by little, I have noticed my daily inflamation lessening.  I have reduced my medicine to once per day and I seem to be holding my own.

What has excited me most is, since I am extremely sensitive to weather (barometric) changes and since they generally have quite a negative impact on how I feel, not having a big swing when the weather quickly changed from sunny to rainy was a huge victory.  The big test will be when the temperature drops significantly in a couple of days (possiblity of snow again…blech!).

I must admit, though, that I fell off the wagon a bit yesterday.  My dad was up helping me get some things planted and work on a variety of other things and it was getting time for dinner.  He mentioned just picking up a pizza and I obliged.  I at some, crust and all.  Ohhhhh did it taste good.  Ohhhhh did I feel achy later.  I can’t 100% say that it was the crust, since I was doing other things that could have contributed, but I am sure that it didn’t help.  I woke up with a migraine today and my joints felt quite stiff.  Time to get back on the wagon (sigh – good by delicious carbs…again) and get back on track to feeling better.  Now if I can just convince my mind that giving up the wheat/gluten carbs is worth every bit.  I know I feel better, but oh the smells when you walk by some bread that is warm and wafting it’s seducing smells.  Breaking my carb addiction will be a tough one.  Start with the wheat/gluten first.  Baby steps.

I do want to do some research on the ancient grains, though.  From what little I have read, their structure is a bit different than the wheat grains of today and might be friendlier to my body.  I have also done some research into some grasses in which their grains can be ground for a gluten free substitute.  All that is for another time, though.

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